30 December 2012 @ 02:08 pm
I moved ....  
As some of you could see, you can't access this journal anymore, that's because I moved.

The latest Updates from Livejournal don't agree with me at all... Not at all, I hate the new profile page, I hate the new Friend page and the new implementation, made Goggle Chrome consider all my external stylesheets as malwares....

So I moved here Luv_sam @ DW

I transfert all the journal there, so don't worry all the entries are there, and the comments and well everything... I'm still updating the links in the entries, so please be very kind with me ...

If you have a Dreamwidth Account just let me know ... I'll add you back without much fuss at all ...

I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but LJ choose a road that's not for me anymore, I don't feel at home anymore... When you look at the support ^list, you know the one where you say :

- hey I have a problem, I can't log into my account, the stylesheet disappeared,

Well all is in Russian ... And I don't speak Russian at all ... I really feel left out.

So in other words, you can still comment on my account you just have to log in with the open ID it's easy like a charm... and I won't loose any of you...

Entries will be crossposted but comments will only be on my DW account.

Thanks for the understanding

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