18 February 2014 @ 10:52 am
RIP Vamphile  
I don't know what to say, but I feel like I should try to say something that's not just from a poem or a card.

I stumbled into LJ around 2005 and became rapidely a Qaf lover... and began to read, read and read every fiction I could get my hands on.

My favorite fictions are numerous, but written by great authors, and Vamphile was one of my favs, All mistakes are temporary and the Keeping Serie, are just a must read. They were the first saved on my hard drive, the first fictions I printed out and made into books to be able to read them, when on commute... the first also that found their way on my reader when I got it in 2010 ...

I 'met' Vamphile, through BJFic.net - each day during lunch break, I read a chapter... and once I had finished I left her a comment, in my not so great english at the time...

When I read the news of her passing, I was like, NO, not possible.... but the reality is here : She's not around anymore.

So to anyone who hasn't read a word she wrote, try to find her fictions, read them, save them, cherish them, because they are more than just words, they are piece of art.

Hope you are dancing with the angels now ....

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