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Friendly reminder :

be sure to be 18 years old or over if you want to read, or if you add me as friend....

Some people friend me, and I didn't friends them back : CAUSE your birthdate isn't visible....

Please leave a comment there if you want to be friended ... Comment are Screened
10 April 2007 @ 01:45 pm
My Fiction & Drabble Journal  

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Serie : Love Will Always Win
- Love Will Always Win - Complete
- Consequence Finality and Life Choices - Sequel - Complete
- Love Will Always Win and Consequence Finality and Life Choices - Complete Serie
- Story Notes Part 1 - Story Notes Part 2

One Shot & Drabbles:
- Drabbles / Cold / Another Bouquet
- Forgiveness
- Never Walk Alone
- Home Is Where You Are
- Home is Where you are - Love is more than just your name
- Words are Important Too - What if ?
- The Best Night in Our Lives

RPS Fiction:
- Reality check
- Just Another Act - Sequel to Reality check

Original Fiction:
- Adventure Between the Pages

Personal journal [personal profile] marilla_pm67 - Graphic community [community profile] marillart

If you're listed as friend of [personal profile] luv_sam it's only because you need it to read the fiction from now on.
Make sure you're over 18 ... This journal deals with Homosexuality, aids, death and other theme you can find in a fiction.
If those themes aren't your cup of tea ... leave now. For the others, welcome on Board.

You can friend me, after checking your user info, I will add you without any question ... Enjoy
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01 April 2006 @ 01:56 pm
Welcome to my Guestbook!

Journal started April 2006, is an extension to my main journal [ profile] marilla_pm67, and my other one [ profile] pecaremas.

If you've found this, sign it and say Hi. Tell me about yourself if I don't know you, and how you found yourself here. I'm always curious how people locate my journal.

Anonymous comments are allowed, but they will be automatically screened, and I will unscreen them once I've read them and they "check out". If you are posting anonymously, please leave your name so I have some idea of who you are :)

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