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Greetings and welcome to Sam's Fiction, my journal where I archive all my ramblings, drabbles and other fiction.

Luv_Sam is a place where [personal profile] marilla_pm67 express her feelings through words, all her feelings. You are welcome to friend this journal but please respect the intent of it

W A R N I N G & R U L E S
Make sure you're over 18 ... before you friend this journal, because like said before, her written deals with sex, violence, Homosexuality, aids, death and other themes you can find in a fiction/slash fiction.

Sadly I must have a few rules. Even if this journal is not a community, if you friend me,

1 - I'm going to check your user info to see your birthdate. **Grins**
2 - I love comments and you're the fuel and the refill for an author.

I'm not a great writter, but you can find this :

Drabbles, words, or fiction, containing :

* non-con and/or violence
* AU, future fic and main character living another life like planned
* heavy angst, even major Character Death fic
* Qaf post Season 5 fiction (because I hated the end)
* RPS related to a specific Tv-Show

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